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5 unknown facts about WWE Superstar Roman Reigns

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2. Roman Reigns attended Georgia Tech University and majored in business.

Roman Reigns’ tale is fairly well-known at this time, and WWE fans are aware that the WWE Superstar attended Georgia Tech University, where he met his future wife.

The Universal Champion majored in management and attended college for numerous years. Simultaneously, Reigns was a member of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team, which seemed to be the center of attention.

Despite the fact that Reigns is a great WWE star right now, the Samoan has made sure that he has a backup plan in case his career ends.

Roman Reigns stated in multiple interviews in 2019 that he wants to continue working with the organization on this schedule for the next five years. It’s unknown whether Reigns has changed his mind or if he still intends to leave WWE full-time in three years.

Reigns has also stated that he wants to follow in The Rock’s footsteps and go to Hollywood at some time in the future, but he also has his management degree to fall back on if necessary.