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5 unknown facts about WWE Superstar Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns has been a member of WWE’s main roster for over nine years, and throughout that time, The Tribal Chief has risen to become the company’s most famous figure.

Reigns has had a lot of ups and downs in his career, including being booed a lot after winning the Royal Rumble and main eventing consecutive WrestleMania events before being diagnosed with leukemia.

Later, the current Universal Champion revealed that his sickness was in remission, and he was allowed to return to WWE and resume his previous duties.

Despite living his life in the spotlight for over a decade, Roman Reigns has managed to keep a few secrets close to his chest.

Here are five interesting facts about the former member of the Shield.

5. In 2015, Roman Reigns damaged his nose, drastically altering his appearance.

Last year, Roman Reigns returned from his WWE sabbatical with a new set of teeth, which eventually became the focus of countless internet jokes. While the WWE Universe took note when Reigns’ teeth were improved, another face surgery that the star underwent appears to have gone unnoticed.

Reigns cracked his nose in a bout against Sheamus in December 2015, forcing him to have nasal reconstruction surgery two months later in 2016. When compared to photographs of Reigns before the incident, the operation drastically altered the appearance of his nose and entire face.

According to many accounts at the time, Reigns was injured as a result of Sheamus slamming him on a table. Sheamus approaches the current Champion, who appears to be hurt, and whispers in his ear, apparently asking if he’s well and if he’s able to continue.

Reigns was absent from WWE TV for several weeks due to the injury, but when he returned in early 2016, he was able to push forward and subsequently headline event WrestleMania with Triple H.