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5 things The Undertaker is yet to reach in WWE

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# 1 Undertaker has never been a Grand Slam Champion in WWE

Undertaker has ruled several tournaments throughout his 30-year history running in the WWE. He has been a World Cup seven times, a Tag-Team Champion seven times, and even a Hardcore Champion at one point.

However, a second championship, such as the Intercontinental or United States Championship (or formerly the European Championship) has always been an escape from Deadman.

Undertaker however has challenged the Intercontinental and American competitions earlier.

Taker has challenged the United States tournament only twice. The first of these times was when the championship was still called the WCW US Championship, during the 2001 Invasion.

Undertaker challenged WCW US champion Kurt Angle in November 2001 on Monday night Raw. Undertaker won the match thanks to DQ, following Stone Cold Steve Austin’s intervention in Taker’s attack, meaning the title didn’t change hands.

The second attempt at the tournament was actually a Smackdown housing show, where ‘Taker challenged Orlando Jordon, but he would also win the DQ.

In the case of the Intercontinental Championship, Undertaker challenged the title 11 times between 1994 and 2001, however, 7 of these games were not allowed (either in a black game or at a house show / live event).

In four television attempts that Mthathi had in the Intercontinental article, he was defeated only once.

That loss happened during his first Intercontinental Championship match. Undertaker dropped the Casket game to champion, Goldust, at In Your House 8 in May 1996, when Mankind intervened and helped Goldust save.

Undertaker then challenged Hunter Hearst Helmsley in 1997 in the WWF Shotgun Saturday Night, which was won by The Deadman by DQ. In December 1997, Taker challenged the People’s Champion of tomorrow, in a battle that was declared non-negotiable after Kane and Paul Bearer appeared just as’ Taker was about to wrap up the victory.

The last Intercontinental Phenom title was on RAW on July 2, 2001, when he challenged Albert to become a champion, another game that ended in DQ. During this time, the American Badass was attacked by the DDP.

In all, those are the five Intercontinental / US television series The Undertaker, with only one loss (caused by disruption). This makes it seem like there is a crime going beyond where Undertaker has never been a Grand Slam winner in WWE.