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5 things The Undertaker is yet to reach in WWE

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# 2 Undertaker has never won the King of the Ring

Undertaker had a lot of fun at King of the Ring PPVs, with one, if not more, of the WWE game at the 1998 event. Undertaker and Man meet head-on for a brutal hell in a place The Cell of the Ring game King of the Ring 1998, which featured two notorious locations that saw Man thrown out of a cell, then Chokeslammer over the cell.

Aside from that old fight, Taker also won three World Championships in King of the Ring PPV’s, however, Undertaker has never won a title. In fact, he never made it to the finals of one of the competitions.

Undertaker actually competed in two King of the Ring competitions. His first appearance in the tournament was in 1991, less than a year later in his WWE race.

Taker was sent off during his quarter-final match against Sid Justice as the match ended in a two-match suspension (which made Sid also removed) due to the two attacking referees.

Deadman made his second, and last appearance, in the King of the Ring competition during the 1995 PPV, as he was also eliminated during the quarter-final stage. This time he was fighting Mabel, who would have won the tournament and crowned King Mabel