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5 things The Undertaker is yet to reach in WWE

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# 3 Undertaker has never admitted anyone to the WWE Hall of Fame

Undertaker has been linked to many WWE Superstars and legends during his 30-year career. This makes it surprising that The Deadman has never taken the honor of putting anyone in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Taker, who is close enough to admit anyone to the Hall of Fame, was following in the footsteps of his former boss, Paul Bearer. Bearing was introduced to the Hall of Fame by Kane and Bearing’s sons Daniel and Michael Moody were present to receive nominations in his father’s name.

After being inducted, Undertaker walked out in honor of Paul Bearer, knelt down and raised his urine in the traditional ‘Taker fashion’ style.

The reason the Undertaker may not have invited anyone to the Hall of Fame may be because he has rarely spoken in person until recently. Certainly next time, we’ll see The Deadman put someone in the Hall of Fame, and when the time is right, who better to bring in than Brother Destruction, Kane, than The Phenom himself.