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5 things The Undertaker is yet to reach in WWE

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#4 Undertaker has never competed in the Iron Man Match

Undertaker has competed in some of the most brutal things WWE has to offer, including Hell in a Cell, Buried Alive, TLC, Elimination Chamber, and the Punjabi Prison game. One of the very few games Undertaker has ever competed in was the Iron Man game.

There have been a number of Iron Man matches in WWE history, but one of the most memorable is happening on Judgment Day 2000 when Triple H challenged the Rock for the World Wrestling Federation Championship.

The match will be the closest to where Undertaker emerged from the Iron Man game, as The Deadman returned after almost eight months of absence. This was also the birth of The American Bad Ass as Undertaker rode down to the ring on his motorcycle towards the end of the game.

Taker treated all members of the McMahon-Helmsley Faction, changing his face. However, Phenom illegally lost The Rock’s prowess, making The People’s Champion eligible for the final fall, making Triple H a new champion.

Although Undertaker has never competed in the genre, one of his biggest moments in the game as he started playing the new side of The Deadman.

However, it is interesting to think about how wonderful it would have been to see Undertaker compete in the Iron Man game at some point for his excellent work.