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5 Major Things One can Expect the Undertaker to do at WWE Royal Rumble – 2022

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4. The Undertaker Might have a Backstage Sequel with Alexa Bliss

Building a supernatural character and giving life to it is not an easy task and one person who aced this art is the Undertaker. The way he maintained his character throughout his WWE career shows his dedication to his job.

Since Bray Wyatt and Aleister Black were released recently last week, WWE does not have any name to claim their supernatural character except Alexa Bliss.

The SmackDown Women’s champion gave a shocking performance in 2020 when she brought her dark side and joined hands with the Fiend. Since the latter is not in this field anymore, Bliss has continued to be in the character to date.

However, Alexa Bliss has given a comeback to the company and has been doing backstage segments in RAW. If WWE prefers her to continue her dark character, who better than the Undertaker can put her over?