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4 reasons for John Cena’s comeback to WWE

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John Cena will rejoin WWE on SmackDown’s final programme of the year, as was previously announced. As Cena only made one appearance in 2022 to commemorate 20 years of his stellar career, the Cenation will finally get their dream.
However, this information surprised no one. In light of this, some fans have been curious as to why the sixteen-time World Champion is coming back. We have a few explanations.

4. John Cena will announce his participation in the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble fight at position

The 2023 Royal Rumble in the Alamodome will be the following Premium Live Event. To fill the stadium to capacity, they would need to host a blockbuster performance that would draw large crowds.
Announcing John Cena’s participation in the Men’s Rumble bout is one approach to accomplish this. WWE may utilise this strategy to sell tickets even if Cena doesn’t participate in the show. There is precedent for this because it happened in 2019 when John Cena declared his entry just to have a fake ailment force him out of the contest.

It would be better for everyone if Cena could show up. The Champ would have a great chance to win the melee for the third time and go one step closer to winning his 17th World Championship.

3. The leader of Cenation makes a special appearance to increase viewership

As unimpressive and disappointing as it may seem, John Cena’s participation on the SmackDown episode from December 30 may have been planned as a marketing ploy to increase interest and viewership as we approach the new year.

The Franchise Player has a sizable fan base in Hollywood, and some of them might be interested in his professional wrestling endeavours. Given that they had previously publicised his WWE return, he would draw a sizable audience. As the year comes to a conclusion, he will therefore spark attention and change the course of events.

2. John Cena challenges everyone in the room.

WWE has had a strange year in 2022 in a number of ways. The prodigal son Cody Rhodes has made his way back to the organisation he left six years ago, and Vince McMahon is no longer in charge. Furthermore, John Cena hasn’t participated in a wrestling match for the first time in 20 years.

It’s unclear if the Champ will become physically engaged, but if he does, Cena’s participation in a wrestling match becomes an option. He might join a six-man tag bout with a team like The New Day or The Brawling Brutes instead of engaging in a one-on-one contest.

1. John Cena declares his intention to compete at WrestleMania

WWE has the option of preparing for the Show of Shows before 2022 ever arrives, despite the fact that The Road to WrestleMania 39 has not yet started. When Cena vs. The Rock was announced a year in advance, they did it back in 2011. Consequently, preparing for Mania right now is a possibility.

Considering his career and how little gas is left in the tank, the sixteen-time World Champion could jokingly address the crowd. Cena can declare that he wants one more marquee match at WrestleMania as soon as it appears that he is about to announce his retirement.

He could take on anyone in the locker room in the biggest match of the year. Someone might interrupt to accept his challenge, like Edge or Logan Paul.