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13 controversies involving Sachin Tendulkar

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What’s cricket without some controversy? As much as the game offers a heap load of entertainment, it sure does have some dark sides which often gets overshadowed by the good parts. Many times, arguments and fights happen on the field which sometimes gets blown out of proportion or other times goes unnoticed. But a player, if got himself tied with some kind of controversy, stays in the fans’ mind for the longest of time. Even calm and composed players like Sachin Tendulkar have been dragged through controversies. Let us now see 13 such instances in which the Master Blaster was involved.

13. Ball tampering

During and India South Africa match at Port Elizabeth, Tendulkar was accused of ball-tampering and was issued a one-match ban. Players Sehwag, Deep Dasgupta, Harbhajan Singh and Shiv Sundar Das were also charged for excessive appealing. Captain Ganguly was banned from one test and two ODIs for his inability to keep his players in check. Sachin’s ban caused a huge uproar in India and the umpire Mike Dennis was called a racist for the same reason.

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