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10 Unknown Facts about Rahul Dravid

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Fact 6

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Rahul Dravid is the only non-Australian cricketer to address the Bradman Oration. He delivered the Bradman Oration on December 14, 2011, at the War Memorial in Canberra. His oratory skills bamboozled the audience and earned him their laurels. An accomplished virtuoso and an effective speaker! What an honor!

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Fact 5

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Rahul Dravid scored 2,571 runs at an average of 102.84 in the 21 Test matches that India won under the captaincy of Sourav Ganguly. That amounted to almost 23% of the total runs put up by the whole Indian team in those 21 matches.

This is the highest percentage contribution by any batsman in Test cricket history in matches won under a single captain where the captain has won more than 20 Tests.